The company SBT Stanz- und Biegeteile has been producing punched parts to meet the highest demands since 1977. With expertise developed over 35 years, SBT currently has 40 employees producing punched parts for the automotive, electrical, household, and construction industries. SBT GmbH produces tools in its own tool and die shop to meet customer requirements, or uses customer-owned tools as well. All requirements are met with customer orientation, flexibility, and innovation.

Since January 2017, SBT GmbH has been part of the Dawedeit GmbH company. With the slogan “Strong together”, this has many benefits for existing customers as well as new ones.

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"We’ll bend that into shape for you!"


The cooperation between Dawedeit GmbH and SBT GmbH means that we can respond to customer requests with greater flexibility. The ability to produce at two locations and the increased capacity from a wider array of machines in the Bihler and Bruderer area have strengthened our position in the market. The bundled expertise of both companies benefits our customers, from the initial proposal to order implementation.

The technical knowledge provided by our five-person design department and a specialized tool and die shop for punching and forming tools open up entirely new possibilities for our customers. Our goal is to make use of synergies and thereby serve our customers better and more flexibly than ever, from the initial meeting to the finished part. We don’t shy away from complex projects, including entire production lines. We deliver solutions and grow from our challenges.

Our online brochure gives a look at our parent company.

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We work with Bihler punching and bending machines and Bruderer punch presses. We have a total of 5 Bruderer machines, with a press capacity of up to 80 tonnes, contact welding, and feeding equipment. On top of that are ten Bihler machines, ranging from an RM 35 to a GRM 80 and MC42. We process only the highest quality materials from certified companies. For example: low-carbon steels, carbon steels, copper, brass, bronze, nickel, rust-resistant and rust-proof steels, aluminium, silver, and the like.

As a rule, we work with materials between 0.1 and 2.0 mm thick, and 2.0 to 150 mm wide. If this does not meet your requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to take on new challenges.


Our company is certified to ISO 9001 : 2015.The certificate is available here in PDF form.

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"We’ll bend that into shape for you!"


Plate FotoThonemann Foto
Sabine Plate
Chief executive officer
tel.: +49 2351 9893 - 0
fax.: +49 2351 9893 - 98
Carsten Thonemann
Authorised officer/commercial manager
tel.: +49 2351 9893 - 39
fax.: +49 2351 9893 - 98

Sudmann Foto
Stephan Jaschusch
Plant manager
tel.: +49 2351 9486 - 23
fax.: +49 2351 9486 - 16


SBT Stanz- & Biegeteile GmbH
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